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Since first being bitten by Manouche Jazz (also known as Gypsy Jazz), Albert Bello has become one of the key performers of this style of jazz nationwide, and he is its most energetic promoter.
He graduated from the Modern Music and Jazz section of the Conservatory at the Liceu in Barcelona, and gained his Degree from the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya.

He has taken a large number of courses on related themes such as recording, film scoring and soundpainting;  and he has followed many master classes by internationally-recognized artists.
He successfully combines being a teacher and a performer.  Examples of his work in the field of Manouche Jazz include:
As a performer, he first recorded Manouche Jazz with the group “Les deux guitarres Trio”, and is currently a member of two groups:  Folkincats (WEB) and Shine (WEB). He has participated in many music festivals, both national and international (including festivals in France, Greece, Portugal, Argentina and Brazil).
Since 2001, he has recorded over 15 CDs, as a solo artist or as part of a group.

Currently he is promoting his two new CDs, “L’aigua no es mou” by Folkincats and “Just a Little Swing” by Shine

He is the Director and the main driving force behind the first Manouche Jazz festival in Spain, the Festival Django L’H, first held in 2010.
He was the founder, and is the current President, of the Association of Musicians and Fans of Manouche Jazz (WEB).
He is the Coordinator of the Department of Manouche Jazz at the School of Music & Arts Centre at L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, the second largest city in Catalonia, where he designs the courses and writes the course materials.  The School currently has around 1000 students.  Since Manouche Jazz courses started five years ago, they have come to form a significant part of the School’s curriculum:  currently there are 4 lines of classes for children (ages 8 to 13); one teenage combo class;  and three adult combo classes.  In 2010, the students from the adult combo classes recorded a CD “Locomoswing”.
He is the coordinator of the weekly jam sessions of Manouche Jazz at the Pipa Club in Barcelona.
In 2009, he organized the Day of Manouche Jazz at the Parc de la Ciutadella (the main city park in Barcelona), as part of “La Mercè”, the city’s annual festival for its Saints Day.  Over 3000 people attended the master classes and concerts, which included the first performance in Barcelona of The Rosenberg Trio.
He has given a large number of master-classes, including:
“The keys to Manouche Jazz”, Villamajazz Festival, 2011
“Manouche Jazz:  the guitar and Django Reinhardt”, Petrer Guitar Week, 2010
“Introduction to Manouche Jazz”, Day of Manouche Jazz, Barcelona, 2009
“Django and the Blues”, Nou Barris Blues School and the Cap i Bola Association (ANY?)
He has designed and given music courses for children with academic difficulties, as part of the overall programme of special needs education within primary and secondary schools in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.  The courses were centred on the music of Django Reinhardt.
He has given many courses and talks on Manouche Jazz at the neighbourhood cultural centres in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

He is working on new teaching materials for his courses;  and is working on new ideas for promoting Jazz Manouche.